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Guide To Google Business Profile (an ebook)

Guide To Google Business Profile (an ebook)

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So you have a website.  How do you create awareness and direct customers to your site?  Luckily, Google has provided a service called Google Business Profile.  If used correctly, Google Business Profile will create awareness but also help you be a dominant player in your local market. 


A comprehensive DIY ebook for small businesses to list their business on Google Business Profile (GBP)-formerly Google My Business (GMB).

GOAL:  Stay ahead of your local competitor with a GBP

OUTCOME:  Correctly list or claim your business on Google Business Profile

BENEFITS:  Increase visibility with local customers, boost traffic to your website, more qualified leads ready to purchase, and drive foot traffic to your store-front leading to potential revenue growth.


Don't have the time or the skill to do this yourself?  Check out our GBP setup.  Let's do the heavy lifting for you while you focus on growing your business and do what you do best!


We have created a Guide that will walk you through this process.  The Guide includes 7 chapters.  

  1. Chapter 1 - we give you an understanding of Google Business Profile
  2. Chapter 2 - we lay out the benefits of creating a Google Business Profile
  3. Chapter 3 - we provide you with a set of worksheets to help you gather the required information you will need
  4. Chapter 4 - we walk you through the setup steps
  5. Chapter 5 - we explain the Verification Process
  6. Chapter 6 - we explain how you would handle the bulk creation of multiple Google Business Profile
  7. Chapter 7 - we know that not you probably prefer working on expanding your business instead of performing the tedious process of creating and managing your Google Business Profile. We offer a free 15 minutes consultation.

Don't be left behind.  Your competitors may already be taking advantage of the Google Business Profile service.  

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