Conference Location

Maui Bay Villas, 575 South Kihei Road, Kihei, HI 96753

Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa from Kihei, Maui Hawaii

Day 1: Welcome and Introduction

Morning Session:

  • Registration and Welcome Breakfast
  • Introduction to Media Vines Corp and the Summit Objectives
  • Icebreaker Activities and Networking

Afternoon Session:

  • Overview of Digital Marketing Trends in 2024
  • Keynote Speaker: The Importance of Digital Marketing in the Modern Business Landscape

Day 2: Website Design

Morning Session:

  • Fundamentals of Effective Website Design
  • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Principles
  • Mobile Responsiveness and Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Hands-On Workshop: Building a User-Centric Website

Afternoon Session:

  • Advanced Design Techniques

Integrating Multimedia Elements

Enhancing Site Speed and Performance

  • Case Studies: Successful Website Designs and Their Impact on Business

Day 3: Local SEO

Morning Session:

  • Introduction to Local SEO
  • What is Local SEO and Why It Matters
  • Key Differences Between Local and Traditional SEO
  • Workshop: Optimizing Your Website for Local Search

Afternoon Session:

  • Strategies for Local SEO Success
  • Keyword Research and Optimization
  • Building and Managing Local Citations
  • Interactive Session: Analyzing and Improving Attendee Websites

Day 4: Google Business Profile

Morning Session:

  • Setting Up and Optimizing Your Google Business Profile
  • Claiming and Verifying Your Business
  • Essential Features and Best Practices
  • Practical Workshop: Creating and Enhancing Your Google Business Profile

Afternoon Session:

  • Leveraging Google Business Profile for Local Visibility

Managing Reviews and Ratings

Utilizing Google Posts and Updates

  • Q&A Session: Addressing Common Challenges and Solutions

PPC Advertising

Morning Session:

  • Introduction to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Basics of PPC and How It Works
  • Overview of Major PPC Platforms (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Social Media Ads)
  • Workshop: Creating Your First PPC Campaign

Afternoon Session:

  • Advanced PPC Strategies

Keyword Targeting and Bidding Strategies

Ad Copywriting and A/B Testing

  • Case Studies: Successful PPC Campaigns and Their ROI

Day 6: Integration and Implementation

Morning Session:

  • Integrating Website Design, Local SEO, Google Business Profile, and PPC Advertising

Creating a Cohesive Digital Marketing Strategy

Tools and Technologies for Seamless Integration

  • Group Activity: Developing a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan
  • Afternoon Session:
  • Presentation of Group Plans and Feedback
  • Action Plan: Next Steps for Implementing Your Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Closing Remarks and Certificate Distribution