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Media Vines Corp

Customized Children Book Illustrations with Ai

Customized Children Book Illustrations with Ai

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Ai character illustration Design and Development:

  • Character Illustration: $75 This is a single-character illustration where we create the character based on your detailed description! All descriptions of the character, expression, clothes, and background are required.


NOTE: This package is customized specifically for a client.  All customized package needs to be arranged with Media Vines Corp


Media Vines Corp offers AI art services utilizing a generative AI platform. Our AI-generated artwork is provided as-is, without any guarantee or warranty. The generated art is a result of algorithmic processes and does not involve human-like creativity or intent. We cannot guarantee specific outcomes or the suitability of the AI-generated art for any particular purpose.

It's important to note that the AI models used for generating art are trained on diverse datasets, which may include copyrighted or licensed material. While we strive to ensure compliance with legal requirements, we advise clients to seek legal advice regarding the usage, modification, and attribution of AI-generated art.

We strongly recommend clients to review and understand any license agreements, intellectual property considerations, and potential risks associated with AI art. Clients assume full responsibility and use the AI-generated art at their own risk. We are not liable for any copyright infringements, legal disputes, or undesirable outcomes that may arise from the usage of the AI-generated art.

For comprehensive legal advice, we recommend consulting with legal professionals specializing in intellectual property and copyright law.

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