5 Ways Costco Enhances Your Maui Trip

5 Ways Costco Enhances Your Maui Trip

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Are you planning a trip to the beautiful Valley Isle of Maui?  For many, Maui is a once-in-a-lifetime trip.  However, many is not ready for the sticker shock. The average cost of goods on Maui is at least 68% more than that of the mainland.  If you want to defray your cost and enhance your experience in Maui, you must make Costco your first stop.  Continue reading to find out 5 ways Costco can enhance your stay in Maui.


Costco is located close to the airport

Costco is conveniently located on the way out of the airport. Regardless of where you will be staying in Maui, Costco is a must stop location before heading out to your hotel. 


Costco has cheap gas

The Costco gas station is a staple of many Maui travelers’ journeys. It’s often one of the cheapest places to fill up your tank.  The only other place that may compare is Safeway (if you are a member).

The Costco gas station has 20 fueling stations and is opened from 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM.


Costco has beach essentials

Maui is famous for its beach with over 120 miles of coastline that are dotted with gorgeous sands and turquois water.  To best enjoy the beaches, you will need the essential beach gears.  Save your luggage space and head to Costco upon landing. 

Protect your skin and pick up the sunscreen that is reef safe.  If you are really sun-sensitive, do not forget the beach umbrellas, shades or even beach tents.  Then meander toward the middle of Costco and browse through the huge arrays of bright-colored beach towels and flip flops.  Need a cool beach chair? Costco has swinging beach chair that will lull you to sleep as soak up the sun and listen to the waves. 

Want to have some fun in the oceans.  Pick up your ocean gears at Costco.  Why rent when you can save money and pick up your surfboard, boogie boards, swimming goggles, and snorkeling gears at Costco.  



Costco has lots of food options 

It can be quite expensive to buy foods in Maui.  Costco can help alleviate this cost.  You can buy breakfast foods, such as croissants, pastries and muffins.  Then load up on your drinks - water, soft drinks, teas and even alcohols  Head to the protein section to pick up your deli meats, breakfast sausages and eggs.  Then make your way to the snacks sections and throw in those large size chips, beef jerky and nuts.  

Costco even sells local Hawaiian goodies.  Costco sells cheap and delicious poke ( raw fish marinated in local yumminess).  Don't like fish, how about sweet Hawaiian bread partnered with poi and kalua pigs.  

Finally, do not forget to pick up a cooler to ice down all your goodies.


Costco's gifts are uniquely Hawaiian

You had an amazing time in Maui and you forgot to pick up souvenirs for your friends and family.  Before heading to the airport, make a quick stop and Costco and pick up Hawaiian-themed gifts.  The local products at Costco are quality product that won't break the bank.  You can buy ono-delicious chocolate-covered macadamia nuts.  Or you can pick up Hawaiian shirts or sarongs.  You can even pick up the only coffee (Kona coffee) that is locally grown in the United States.  

Maui is an amazing place.  Costco can make it affordable!


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